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Three Fingered Gaming Helmet

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Toys and games- Audio - Video]
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My invention,the Three Fingered Gaming Helmet, looks like a three fingered glove. However, it's called a "Helmet" because it is designed to protect the hands and fingers the e-Gamer. Currently the term "e-Gamer" has not fully developed. However, right now the e-Gamer is those who use hand held controlling devices for gaming like "Play Station" and "X Box". Currently there are more than 250 Million online gaming subscriber playing on line. Gamers are playing for hours and forming league that requires playing and competing. However, playing with a hand held controller cause the hand to develop blisters,calluses and other injuries due to the friction between the controller and the hand and fingers of the player. This condition has been called "Play Station Thumb" This condition is very painful and can cause damage to the nerves in the hand and can stop or limit continued playing. My invention solve the problem of injuries and extent playing time. It also protects players who may have preexisting condition like "diabetics" who can develop injuries that can lead to amputation. Video gaming in the form of "EStorts" is making its way into the Olympics, with Major League teams investing in e-sport teams, This will only grow the users and my invention will be a necessary need for those competing and those who dream to compete,because my invention makes it possible for extended play and injury free competition ! I vision my invention being worn by gamers around the world,just like a baseball player wear gloves to bat at a baseball game. Its needed and wanted!

Financial information

I am looking to license my invention with royalties, I currently have a provisional patent filed,I can produce a copy, and looking for a full patent after testing the market value.
I am also open to some kind of partnership with a "Buy in" financing option up front. In other words, I would be open to selling a percentage of ownership,in which you would pay me an agreed amount for that percentage and a share in the royalties, based on that percentage.
The market potential is booming with ESports league developing and coming on a world stage for competing and expecting the users world explode. Before you consider this invention take a look at the potential market. Professional sports team are investing in Esports leagues. Check all the sports news about Esports. Look how big its grown and growing! I do recognize the value and the importance of my contribution to the Esports world. So please, do your research and then talk to me! This is an up and coming product at the right timing.

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