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Household Lamp Switch Extension Apparatus (SNORKEL SWITCH)

[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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The invention is a household lamp switch extension apparatus that makes it easy for a user to reach across the top of the lamp shade to turn on the lamp. This keeps the user from having to bend over and awkwardly look for or blindly grope for the lamp switch that to the typical user appears hidden within the lamp shade. Various embodiments of the apparatus can work with standard on and off switches that operate by rotation of a knob, by pulling a chain, or by pushing a small button. The apparatus has a vertical member that extends a twist knob to a position at or near the top of the typical lamp shade and that connects to a horizontal member that interacts with the on and off switch for the lamp.

SNORKEL SWITCH can be attached to standard turn knob, push button, or pull chain sockets that are built to international standards in less than 2 minutes without use of any tools. SNORKEL SWITCH does not eliminate the option to still turn the lamp on/off at original switch location. Top knob can be made to glow in the dark.

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