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Device to prevent anal leakage

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A device and method to avert anal fecal leakage is disclosed that possess at least two means for the prevention of anal leakage or hemostatic application. The device is inserted internally and is used inside of the rectal cavity for absorption along with a sealing member placed externally against the anus which is designed as a secondary means for the prevention of leakage. An embodiment of the device includes a third sealing means to prevent leakage into the anal canal. The device is constructed to be flexible with a minimum of intrusiveness for the user during use. The device is constructed for one person insertion and removal unless patient or user is incapacitated. Due to its design, the device is capable for use over a wide range of human applications caused by medical conditions which have compromised the normal function of anal sphincter. Neurological, post surgical, cancer, postpartum, chrons diseases are just a few examples which may cause loss of sphincter control.
Device is disposable and easy to conceal. Environmental friendly and hypoallergenic.

This device is easy to carry and conceal to maintain confidence and reassurance. It is about the size of a Sharpie unlike the bulky adult diaper which is outdated and impractical. This device is non invasive and no surgical medical procedures involved. Compared to the effectiveness of this device through preliminary studies show that fecal material is kept inside the body until the user is ready to evacuate at his{her convenience. Other products allows for fecal material to leave the body and into a diaper or undergarment make it unnatural and uncomfortable for the user.

With this device you can enjoy your freedom to live your life without worry of leakage or odor escaping. Play your favorite sport including running, swimming, bike riding etc etc which is not always possible with traditional methods today.

Surgical procedures may or may not resolve the problem of incontinence. This product is non invasive and pain is absent which is not always possible during surgical or implantable devices.

This device has made it easy for the user to take control of his[her bowel movements. Regain your confidence, regain your freedom, and regain dignity.

Financial information

IP holder is seeking sale, or licensing partnership with motivated visionary party who can appreciate the simplicity and convenience of this product. IP holder is open to fair, generous partnership considering the buyer can take us to the next level.

This product is simply made with common and very accessible components. Tooling has been obtained by IP holder and is readily available for mass production. Product cost per unit has been quoted by manufacturer to be about $ 0.i10 to $ 0.15. It is estimated that 1 common user of this product will require 4 to 6 units per day average. This product would be sold 20 per box at $25.00 est. per box. Compared to traditional products such as undergarments, adult diapers etc, etc, it is still significantly reduced and affordable for clients. Clients would be life long customers since anal incontinence has no known resolve or cure at this time that is 100% effective...until now.

Trademark for this product ( USPTO #4800316) has also been obtained by IP holder. This product is known as "Peri-Dry". As the name indicates, this device keeps the Perineal area Dry.

IP holder holds a Utility patent and Design patent along with Trademark patent discussed previously.

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