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The invention relates to a wheel accessory for a self-propelled lawn mower, the wheel accessory comprising a radially resilient tubular member (2) configured to be attachable to the outer circumferential contact surface of a propelling wheel of a gardening implement such as a lawn mower, where the tubular member (2) on its outer circumferential surface (10) is provided with a plurality of outwardly extending grip-enhancing elements (3, 15, 16, 17) formed to penetrate the surface of a terrain beneath the mower, thereby improving the grip between the propelling wheel of the mower and the terrain beneath the mower and preventing the wheel from slipping on the surface of the terrain. In an embodiment of the invention the tubular member (2) is provided with a gap (4) extending longitudinally through the member, thereby defining a first and a second end portion of the tubular member, where the first and second end portions are provided with tightening means (5, 6, 7) for tightening the tubular member to the outer circumferential contact surface of the wheel. In an embodiment the grip-enhancing elements (3) are formed as generally rectangular elements having first and second end surfaces (18, 19), first and second side surfaces (20, 21) and a top surface (22), where the grip-enhancing elements extend a distance L outwardly from the outer circumferential surface (10) of the tubular member (2).

Financial information

As self-propelled lawn mowers are commonly used in private gardening there is a large sales potential for accessories that improve the performance of such mowers.

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