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3D transparent solar panel

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3DT Solar panel.

The main features: its transparent and it can have 68% more power on unit surface compared to the nowadays used, standard, not transparent solar panels.

These features make it a multifunctional panel because the 3DT Solar panel is usable as an architectural element as it has a self-supported construction.


3D because it has significant thickness. This thickness can be increased up to a certain point and it means higher power at the same time. With larger thickness we can get better thermal insulation and higher bearing strength.


The Light transmission of the 3DT Solar panel prototype is more than 50% so it transmits the half of the incoming light nevertheless the performance is unchanged. The 3DT Solar panel made of clear plastic. It protects the indoor area from UV radiation and reduces the effect of the infrared radiation so its perfect tool to save energy at the air conditioning.

More power
The 3DT Solar panel can be made of any solar cell so its always updated to the current technology. Based on the new structure of the 3DT Solar panel its possible to place more cells onto unit surface compared to the ordinary applications. With this solution we can achieve 68% more power with the 3DT Solar panel.

Architectural element

Generally its usable at every fields where the solar energy feasible. Against the currently used, not transparent solar panel system it can be installed instead of the windows, skylights as well as wall and roof at the greenhouses. Using the 3DT Solar panel the roof is capable to generate energy. Its suitable in every architectural solution where the light transmission and the power generation are important.

Please, imagine an office building or a hotel with 3DT Solar application. Power generating walls, windows, skylights and reduced energy for air-conditioning.


The 3DT Solar panel is a multifunction tool. Not only create more energy but its transparent and its a building material.

So this is the 3DT Solar panel.

Thank you for watching. 3DT solar haven't got a WIPO number. More information on the website: Link

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