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Very Radical Antivirus Method

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The objective.

To place a difference between the code of viruses and legitimate code, Then use this difference to help in the identification of viruses that have affected programs.
The idea is to confusticate source code (or create a new programming language that traditional programming languages are then translated to) in such a way as to give it structure that can be recognized by an anti virus and cannot be analysed and duplicated by virus makers.

Then as an antivirus software is scanning the software it searches only for code dissimilar to this structure and uses this as a basis for identifying foreign or virus code.

That method involves using an advanced algorithm to confuscate the code. Then when the anti virus scans the software it looks for something matching the structure imposed on the software by the algorithm. When it sees this familiar code in any part of the software, it knows that the rest must conform to it to be legitimate.

Any other code is foreign code and must be a virus. Additionally as it scans it is no longer comparing the code it sees with many different virus signatures, but only looks through the code for two types of software structure; legitimate and illegitimate, so it will be faster.
This should defeat any type of virus except those whose purpose is to delete parts of the software. To counter those we need to encrypt the code in a fractal manner, so information about any part of the code can be found in other parts (the surviving parts). rnrnThe business model to employ would be to have different software vendors submit their original source code rnto a cloud antivirus company.

This antivirus company would confusticate their code according to the above method and then send it back. rWhen scanning clients machines the cloud antivirus would identify supported software's through an initial scan to determine if any part of the software conforms to the confustication algorithm. if it does it changes mode and then looks for viruses using the above mentioned methods.

The advantage to the independent software vendors is that they can use the antivirus to identify pirated software as the keys and patches used would presumably not match the structure of the confusticating algorithm. Piracy can still happen if the crackers decide to scan their files offline ,

but then they do not have the same advantages as paid users in terms of efficiency of scanning and restorability of their files from using the cloud antivirus. This advantage to the independent software vendors will make them much more willing to buy into the whole concept and improve the marketability of these ideas.

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