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Super hydro power station

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This is my Patented Hydro Technology. It is also "Self Sustainable Hydro Plant" or it runs by it self for good in other words.
Wind and Solar Farm is built near Hydro Plant and power that they produce is used to power Pumps only. Pumps will lift water from lower Reservoir and bring it back to upper Reservoir, that is how we can establish constant Circulation of Water within Hydro System and make it work permanently, that can be programmed to any demand.

We can also use any other power source to power Pumps like Marine Energies or small Nuclear Plant/other but I prefer to use Renewable Energies and to keep this system as a Clean Energy System. This way we get Environmentally Friendly Concept that can last us Centuries.

This is unique Technology in many ways and maybe not easy to understand at first but when we do understand benefits of this Technology we will appreciate it very much.

So water is Constantly Circulated with in this system and we will never be short of water, that means that we can produce electricity at all times. Solar and Wind Farm will always power Pumps and Circulate Water so system will always perform good 24/7/365!

This is the only Technology on this Planet that can do that,,,

"Super Hydro Power Station" or Short (SHPS) is similar in a way to Pumped Storage Plant but yet a lot more different. With my system we don't buy any power from the Power Grid to pump Water which is characteristic to Pumped Storage Hydro/Other. What we do in my system is we Install Wind-Solar Farm, Marine Energies or any other Power source parallel to "Super Hydro Power Station" and we use those to power pumps which will feed water directly into Hydro Reservoir. Because is separate Irrigation system to Hydro Plant we can program this Irrigation system to any requirements. That means that we can pump water any time we like into the upper Reservoir or we can pump water at all times if needed. Pumps are designed to work in turns for overheating of them prevention. This way they can work much longer and without overload on them. Pumps are also divided in groups of pumps which will also perform in turns and at the same time if ever needed. It is also important to use efficient Hydro Turbines that don't waste a lot of water so we minimize level of energy needed to return that same water back to upper reservoir.

This is fantastic energy solution and the best possible Energy Combination as well. When we Combine Wind, Solar, Marine Energies we are Combining Renewable Energies and that is of great importance. I also believe that Integration of Energies like in my system or Patented Technology is the future of Energy World in years to come. This is smart way to apply Renewable Energies especially if we don't have those available all the time or day and night for example lake Solar Energy for instance where we get Sun only day time.

Another advantage of this system is that we can store energy as well and water also as a potential energy at the same time. Both Energy storage's are so important and good.

My Hydro concept is commercially viable concept and the most advanced Technology in Energy World. It is New Technology and if developed it will be leading Energy Technology into the Future of this World. It comes also in different sizes where we can based on the same principals develop even Portable Hydro Generator if we like. There are no limits with this Technology in so many ways.

We can also modify any other Hydro Plant out there to this system requirements so we all benefit from this Technology.

The advantage of this Technology is that we can produce Electrical Energy with my system 24/7/365 non-stop and at the same capacity if necessary. That means again that we get so reliable Hydro Concept/Plant which can meet any demands and that is so important. Another advantage of this Technology is that we can place new Hydro Plants of my design anywhere and near any water or even inland where there is no water applicable. We simply pump water where ever is needed. Also we can place them close to Transmission lines to cut the costs down. These Hydro Plants are much smaller in size/other and cost much less to build them for the same efficiency and output. Those are huge advantages.

To read more about this Technology please visit my Patent Application or simply visit my Website where I have more information about this Technology.

I would like if some large Company takes my Project/Technology on or if I simply sell the Patent.

For any other information you can also email me direct on: < [Use the button below to contact me] > or visit my Website: Link

Thank you!

Bogdan Majkic

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