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Ball throwing and catching device

[Category : - Toys and games]
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A device for playing a ball game by hurling a ball against a wall and catching it on the rebound is described. The device comprises a hollow, cylindrical body member resembling an elongated capsule with the top half of the capsular diameter removed for approximately 2/3 of its length, forming thus an open topped channel section, the remainder forming a closed end base section the rounded end of which serves as the hand hold for using the device, the inner surface of the channel and base sections integrally defining a passageway for the ball when it is either thrown or caught by the device; a safety strap including means for its connection to the device and attachment to the player.
A new and improved version and features are also covered
in the patent application.
It is piece of sport eqiupment to be played with a ball thrown against a wall indoor or outdoor, prefferably racquetball courts
Can be played competitively in singles or doubles.
It can be mass produced inexpensively
I've also created a new scoring system and rules to this new
I also have working prototypes, pictures will be here soon!

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