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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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The major problem which is partially solved and I have found the most efficient different way of approaching the problem. Driving at night-time on roads with opposing lanes has always been a hassle due to the blinding effects of the opposing vehicles on high beam, this has proved a deadly effect for even the best of drivers. Drivers tend to keep their headlights on high beam just to gain more visibility and situational awareness on their side, however the onslaught of this action is the reduced visibility for the car going the other way leading to temporary blinding of the eye due to Pupillary Light Reflex that causes the pupil to constrict and dilate to allow optimal amount of light to reach the retina.
My system eliminates the glare produced by lights in a most different way than any other way of glare reduction method nowadays.
Anti glare glass have serious disadvantages. These coatings tend to be quite thin, and this makes them very easily rubbed off, scratched, or otherwise damaged by even modest levels of abuse. The anti reflective properties are seriously hindered by fingerprints, water, or most any other liquid. So they produce much more glare when wet or oily. Tinted glass at night will make the dark places more darker. All these disadvantages are over taken by my system. Cost for making my system 70USD/piece.
The recently developed projects with automotive giants like Mercedes-Benz and Audi has already developed ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) which is only focused on only to comfort the other drivers on road, not the driver of our own car. It is very common to protect our vehicle from accidents and not to injure any pedestrians than any other vehicles on road. Based on this approach our Dazzle driver assistance is designed to protect our vehicle. By combining these ADAS and Dazzle driver assistance system can increase safety on road. Thus the system focus only on single light can be improved to obstruct multiple lights.

Financial information

I want to get my idea to come to reality. So I need to sell for very low price.
Market value for my project will be high. When you hear you will like it. Cost for production is also very low.
I have registered for a provitional patent for mine.
Please feel free to contact.
Options: sale of patent, licensing (royalty), partnership, other.

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