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Cooling hat for hot weather

[Category : - Headwear- Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting]
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The new cooling hat aims to create favorable environment under the hat and thus prevent overheating and make the wearer’s life more comfortable.

International application No.: PCT/RU2017/000168 (filing date: March 24, 2017).

Comparison with existing technologies:
There are evaporative cooling hats on the market. They work well in dry climates but not so well in humid environments. You can also have better uses for water in a desert than evaporating it from your hat. There are designs of thermoelectric cooling hats with cold metal strips placed in direct contact with the wearer’s forehead. It feels nice in hot weather to have something cold touching your forehead but contact with small area will not result in significant cooling or, if the cooling surface is very cold, may be bad for the wearer’s health. Different people have different hairs (or none) so it is possible to design a universal contact device. There are patents proposing mechanical ventilation for personal cooling. This is not a good solution in my opinion as makes you look weird and is not reliable especially in dusty or humid environment. Computer cooling systems normally work indoors while protective clothing is usually worn outdoors.

The new cooling hat will be battery-powered (rechargeable or solar). It will have no moving parts (mechanical fans) and aims to be reliable and relatively light-weight.

Financial information

Most people on this plante live in hot climats or, at least, climats with a hot summer so the potential market is huge.

Options: sale of patent, licensing (royalty), partnership, other.

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