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Door-optical fiber, LED light, motion sensor light.

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The invention relates to a lighting element and is intended for lighting or backlighting doorways, door panels, drawings, illustrated in the door leaf, door peephole, door handles, door locks, doorbells and other. The technical result is the ability to save power when the backlight door / door opening / door element. The illumination element consists of a base arranged at the door leaf, lighting elements arranged on the base; enable / disable the module connected to the base; power source connected to the base; control module connected to the base and connecting bus connecting all parts of the illuminant elementa.rn additional technical result is a remote control device, and the operation of the apparatus autonomously. In this case, the claimed utility model is also achieved by the expansion of the arsenal of the lighting devices. In use a rechargeable battery or a battery as a power source. The control module may comprise a light sensor, a volume change, a motion sensor, a temperature sensor, an acoustic switch, mikrokontry and computer unit, which ensures the achievement of the claimed results. Moreover, the claimed device may be a member like a bill or on the door leaf or door architraves and built into the door leaf or door frames or other elements (peephole, doorbell). The power source may be inside the door itself (for hiding power source) can be located outside the door (to facilitate door leaf), and may be on the surface of the door leaf (for ease of maintenance). The control module can also be located inside the door (dlyarnskrytiya control module) can be located outside the door (to facilitate door leaf can using the remote control), and may be on the surface of the door leaf.

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