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Real time memory garbage collection Software hardware method

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Computers and computer accessories ]
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Garbage collection is a well known IT subject but when reaching real time garbage collection things become complex. The invention, implements 2 kinds of real time garbage collection.
a) The software only design that has some limits regarding how low may be the minimum delay (stop time of all processes)
b) The hardware supported solution applicable to
1) Existing systems used in special way.
2) Memory controllers or cpu's that have to be modified to follow the required paradigm and design.
We allow down two memory cycles delay times regarding garbage collection (atomic read write insruction). Meaning that it is ultra real time (in the order of 1ns latency).
What is more important than all is that the method is very simple and thus easyly adaptable to simple hardware implementations.

Big companies as IBM give solutions that are of arguable simplicity Link .
Azul Link has based a whole business on the subject.

The solution may set a whole new paradigm for CPU's and memory controllers willing to assist garbage collection.

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