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Chicken Cutlet Schnitzel Cutter

[Category : - Cooking- Food]
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The Chicken Cutlet Cutter is a unique method to cut chicken cutlets into thin-cut chicken cutlets.
Stores charge a hefty premium to cut thin slices of chicken cutlets. By using the Chicken Cutlet Cutter, you can safely and easily cut your regular cutlets into thin slices, saving you up to 50% of the cost of store-bought thin sliced chicken cutlets.
The Chicken Cutlet Cutter will slice your chicken cutlets into equal portions for even cooking and portion control. Great for the health conscious!
The Chicken Cutlet Cutter comes with a base, a tray to put the cutlet on, a plastic cover, and a tab to hold the cover in place.
The tray is textured and has holes to help hold your cutlet in place while slicing it. You can even turn the tray over. One side will make thinner slices and the other side will make thicker slices.
The plastic cover helps protect your fingers.
The Chicken Cutlet Cutter has nonskid feet and is dishwasher safe.
No more pounding of cutlet to make them thinner!! No more cutting oneself trying to butterfly cutlets!!
And best of all......savings of up to 50% of the store price!!!

Financial information

I am willing to consider an outright sale or a license with royalties.
I have the U. S. patent, and also a Canadian patent. I have the mold, and I also have a production run of app. 2,200 pcs.

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