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Medical bandage innovations

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This patent can be divided.It has 2 medical bandages that are used for different purposes.They are both of different sizes depending on its use.First bandage:One that is oversize in width and length,and sizes for the purpose intended for.Sizes are covered in the patent.From 5'' to many lengths long,and different widths.The absorbent pad is extra large and thickened in a special way to give pressure to the wound.It is a one step procedure for wounds from IV or Needle for blood giving or other wounds that need pressure and protection.The provider does not need the assistance of the person being cared for or other people to help,and being one step from sterile wrapper to the wound there is no worry of bacteria or germs.The patented formed,easy pull tabs with wrapper make this a sterile procedure. We do know there is a constant bacteria and germ situation in medical facilities. Most providers use cotton and tape that has been in a drawer or on a table with no concern of bacteria or germs.We know there are countless germs and bacteria in medical facilities and blood donor locations.The surface the items to be laid on should be cleaned with alcohol before items are placed,and stored in germ proof and bacteria free containers.It is never the case.Our bandage is individually wrapped,and when unwrapped the first thing it is in contact with is the wound when properly unwrapped from its protective cover and designed pull tabs.Bandage Two: A hard or semi hard cover in a bandage or independent for usage with tape and can be with vent holes incorporated for air that can circulate or not vented to prevent air or water for the healing process.Also the vented cover can have a snap on cover for instant wet weather or shower use.The bandage can be of a few different sizes and styles,round,oval or square or rectangle that protects a nicotine patch or a wound or stitches or any delicate skin problem from being bumped or damaged from ordinary daily labors.The cover can have no pad in it or it can have.The pad can have nothing in it or can have anti-bacterial ointment or Iodine or whatever needed to help infection. The edge in contact with the skin is smooth so it is easy on the skin and not to dig in.Patent numbers to serious people only.

Financial information

We are flexible to partnership,buyout or license.If partnership money will go to production and advertising. There has been interest shown by some medical facilities.Patent numbers for serious investors only.

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