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My Emergency Air Supply Line.

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Hi My Name Is Albert Culmer And I Am A Product Developer
For The Emergency Air Supply Line.

This Emergency air supply line is used in case you have a slow leak in one of your car tires. This will automatically put air into the other tire. That way you will be able to drive your car to a garage to get it fixed. I think we all have faced this problem at least once in our lifetime, but it is always good to have an emergency plan just in case it happens to you. Don't wait for your tire to get flat before you do something about it. It Is Patent Pending At This Time. I'm also looking for Sales Reps. Someone who has experience working with manufacturing companies, getting new products licensed, and also knows how to close deals.

I am willing to split all royalties as long as the product sells on the market. You will need to locate the companies and present my new product to them. If we can get a company to accept my new product, I have much more good ideas that we can work together. I am looking for a person who has experience working with manufacturing companies, that I can share my new ideas with.

I am also open to suggestions on how you would like to work each one of my new products. In other words, I am looking to build a long-term business relationship. If you are looking for a business venture like this let's get together and talk.

Click on this link to see what people are saying about my new product. Link

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