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Changeable engine operation < New

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Engines have a lot of problems that need to be solved. Engines can use a new method. Using a special method there are 7 features we can benefit from. You'd like to learn why the valuable features improve engines.

All engines have dedicated operation. < we'll use fuel occasionally when a computing system provides variable operation. The computing system senses the rpm change. A single pulse from a cylinder can raise the rpm dramatically if there's tiny resistance.

All engines have limited fuel mileage. < we'll provide a valuable improvement because engines could free wheel for long periods. Spinning engines could maintain a certain rpm because the force that resists the rotation is limited (a large force can barely lower it).

All engines use a single fuel source. < we'll use ANY fluid, any vapor or mixture because anti-knock octane isn't needed. Volatile vapor could ignite ANY fluid fuel. Hydrogen or LP could be the vapor. The temperature of 900 degrees is the objective.

All engines have limited power. < we'll provide 6 times the power with the same amount of fuel because a spark can change to a different time in each cylinder. This helps stretch the fuel. The discovery is an advance in technology that makes a quantum leap. A tiny engine (1/6 the size) can make the same power.

All engines have the same mechanical components. < we'll reduce the parts, plus reduce the size and weight of engines. If we need fewer parts the cost can drop. When we remove the parts we'll have less mechanical problems like adjustment and replacement. That's a good change.

All engines require a coolant system. < we'll use a tiny radiator because the computing system determines when to activate cylinders. Only when starting to move, accelerating, and climbing a slope will cylinders make heat.

All engines use an exhaust. < we'll provide a conventional exhaust system. As stated, an engine uses cylinders when starting to move, accelerating, and climbing a slope. That’s the only time engines need the additional cylinders.

All engines have a four stroke method of operation. < we'll provide a split cycle engine that uses one cylinder for pumping air and the next one for power. When we recover pressure from a power piston, the residual pressure can be sent to an air cylinder to improve the power. Boost will be 40 psi vs 8 psi for supercharging.

In summary, we'll use any fluid or vapor fuel, produce 6x the power, and have fuel mileage that's many times (more than 2) what we get now. The features are good improvements. They're authentic advances. The patent number is a provisional number.

Financial information

We are open to a partnership with a contributor/co-developer. The method of operation is new and is to be marketed EXCLUSIVELY to engine assembly corporations. The market potential is 15,000 systems per day in US. The world market potential is 45,000/day. Each kit could make a 75% mark-up. Profit from a $2,000 kit is $1,500. All conditions for sale or licensing are pending negotiation. The trademark and website are established IP. Video of the working prototype in an applied science lab could be available to interested people. Contact us by phone or email when you're interested.

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