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a rehabilitation machine to help excersise the lower extrimities

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A motorized rehabilitative device for simulating and inducing normal walking motion for individuals needing physical rehabilitation includes a base, a pair of side supporting members, and adjustable u-shaped handle bars mounted to the side supporting members. Each side supporting member includes an interiorly mounted foot bar and foot bar support plate that are capable of reciprocable up and down motion to simulate and facilitate the walking motion of the individual disposed on the device having one foot secured to each foot bar and positioned upright and between the side supporting members with the handle bars used as support. The foot bars and foot bar support plates are interconnected to motor driven gear and pulley systems contained with the side supporting members and the gear and pulley systems include cyclically extending and retracting pistons that transfer mechanical motion to the foot bars and the speed of motion being controllable from a handle bar mounted control panel.

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