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Digital Camera Lens Cap with Memory Card Storage Device

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(See Photos!) A lens cap designed to keep a backup memory card with the camera at all times. This is an inexpensive item that can be easily purchased as an add on accessory with existing photography equipment. Please see my twitter page at Link

A multi-purpose lens cap 10 which functions as a storage device and camera lens protector is disclosed. The lens cap 10 storage device provides a readily accessible place to store memory cards 20, pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes or other accessories that may be integral to the operation of a camera. Because the lens cap 10 is capable of storing these, and other accessories...

Financial information

What I have: I have printed and tested working prototypes of this product. I have a huge twitter history of photographers who would most likely purchase this product based on their personal experience of going to a photo shoot and forgetting their primary memory card. (Spend 10-15 minutes looking through this history and you will understand what I'm talking about. Link

I have talked with numerous camera retailers, B&H camera video said they'd place the item in their catalog, along with Camera World and many others.

The main costs involved to produce a lens cap that stores a backup memory card. Mostly the tool and die making process. This can range anywhere from 40K-to 12k depending on materials used, sourcing locations, etc. (This cost is per lens cap size, Some parts can be used interchangeability to help control costs) Once the tool is made for the plastic injection the cost is around $1.00-1.50 per cap to make the parts. The market studies I've done show the part can retail for between $10-20 US dollars. Most people wouldn't think too much about spending this much on an accessory for a camera they've already spend hundreds on. And, the best part is that the lens cap with memory card storage solves a real problem! You can't take photos without a memory card! Also, The lens cap can be designed to use a lens cap keeper to keep the cap and the card physically attached to the camera so it can't be lost. Additionally, basic memory cards have become very inexpensive so their is hardly a risk of losing one.

What I don't have: The connections and expertise to start a business around this product. The financial resources to produce the parts and the packaging.

What I'd need, I'd like to stay involved with this project, I'm willing to sell a large part of the equity in this invention or possibly sell it outright for the right price. I guess that's to be determined.

More info please see my product brochure here: Link



Now we have some good data we can work with. We know how many new stand-alone digital cameras are sold every year (the cumulative sales is nearly 1.2 Billion digital cameras ever sold by the end of this year 2014). We know that 61% of the new sales of stand-alone cameras go to first-time stand-alone digital camera buyers. And based on that, we can calculate also the period of how many years the current installed base has been building (and a replacement cycle). The current stand-alone digital camera population has been building for 10.5 years. Ten and a half years (not 5 months haha).

We also can now calculate the total installed base of digital cameras still in existence which is 1.05 Billion. And using the same model - obviously its not precise, but we can estimate that the average stand-alone digital camera owner has typically 1.6 stand-alone cameras (which can be digital or film-based). That user obviously more often than not, is not using the other camera but may have several cameras for whatever specialized needs and uses, and may indeed use more than one camera.

So there is an ‘ownership base’ of 610 million stand-alone digital camera owners, who own 1.05 Billion digital cameras. All of those 610 million stand-alone digital camera owners also own a mobile phone and practically all of them will now have a cameraphone (often two). So what about migration from digital cameras to cameraphones? A survey by AYTM in 2013 reported that 28% of those who own a stand-alone digital camera, do not use it (anymore, or rarely use it) because they use the camera on the cameraphone. Ah, now we have very good data point to understand.

Of 610 million who own a digital camera, 72% use that digital camera as their primary camera. That is 440 million people. They in turn own (in addition to at least one cameraphone) typically 705 million digital cameras (not all in use today).

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