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A scooter 4 seniors & people with disability now in production

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PrideR Scooter is a patented World’s only Standing only, Slow moving, 3-Wheel, 2 lightweight parts Electric scooter which provides mobility to seniors and people with mobility difficulties, also allowed on airplanes, and virtually anywhere.

NOTE: We are in production and wish to sell the patent and the company.

PEOPLES PROBLEM: People can’t load current scooters into car trunks or travel with. They need a vehicle carrier, or a wheelchair, therefore most likely stay home.

OUR SOLUTION: A standing only, slow moving, 3-wheel, 2-part, an ultra-nimble, ultra-portable electric scooter. It resolves all known problems. It can be disassembled and loaded into a trunk in seven (10) seconds, and is allowed anywhere, including in airplanes and all public places. In compliance with TSA and airlines regulations.

a. ?Seniors and people with mobility difficulties whomcan stand and drive a scooter

b. Individuals – for personal use such as for leisure.
c. Businesses, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.
d. Security: Police, apartments, hotels and large respective businesses.

1. Disassembled & Put in A Car in Seconds
2. Standing only, slow moving, two lightweight parts, easy to carry and use.
3. Slow Moving at 4.35 MPH, safer
4. Allowed virtually anywhere, and Airplanes (U.N. 38.3 Compliance)

5. It gives people who feel self- conscious to use wheelchairs a gift of life. Now they can “Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ ProudlyTM.”

6. Triple Disc Brake System for all three wheels ?
7. Has a Folding Luggage/bags carrier
8. Brake Auto Motor Cut-Off. ?
9. Two parts, each about 20-22 Lbs.

Financial information

being in production, we are looking to sell the paten and the company;

to have a marketing partner