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Non IP, non Mac address,non software device id (anti spoofing)

[Category : - Indentification and payment methods]
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This invention use bio-metric concepts and applies them to hardware devices.rnWe may make use of the fact that hardware devices have characteristics unique to them, that no other hardware device shares. This may include, but is not limited to, the heat the processor produces after a certain number of processing cycles and the exact number of irreparable bad sectors on the hard drive or certain minute errors in the functioning of the ram. These parameters may be measured from a cloud server wishing to communicate with a legitimate device and used as the basis for identification that no other hardware device has.rnCertain parameters would work better, in terms of stability, but that stability would mean devices with very similar values for that parameter would be likely doubles. And those parameters that change a lot would not be reliable.rnTo overcome this problem we would need the cloud server to have an algorithm for combining this information with the, were it otherwise independent, spoof able Mac address.rnAny would be hacker would need to find a suitable machine with similar metrics to the machine he wants to pose as, as well as its Mac address. An unlikely combination.rnTo prevent potential spoofers harvesting this hardware information a hardware add on could be placed that alters the metrics depending on the position of a physical switch. Then the only time t spoofer can harvest the metric information is while the switch is off and the client is logging on.rnTo improve security the hardware add on could encrypt the metrics. I.e. change their values by altering their PHYSICAL attributes in such a way that only the cloud server can decrypt them from its readings.rnSo this encryption would involve the ratios of the values of the different metrics rather than the values themselves.rnThe hardware would constantly be changing the ratios according to the encryption rules making the changes unpredictable to a spoofer but knowable to the cloud server as it would have privileged information relating to the encryption method. rn

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