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Adjustable Dumbbell Support Stand

[Category : - Fitness]
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Research has shown that the best form of weight training is with the use of dumbbells. Bodybuilding legends Dorian Yates and John Grimek preferred training with dumbbells. However, they, along with most fitness enthusiasts, switched to barbells or machines because, as their strength increased, getting the heavier dumbbells into the starting position became increasingly difficult, even impossible...until now, with —- The Adjustable Dumbbell Stand.

 Eliminates kicking? YES!

 Eliminates swinging? YES!

 Eliminates having one or more people hand the dumbbell to you? YES!

The Adjustable Dumbbell Stand adjusts for height, and can be maneuvered around any bench, suitable for any height and any arm length. A bench can even be placed over the stand for added stability. The “ADS” is perfect for the following dumbbell movements:

 Bench presses
 Flyes
 Seated Shoulder Presses

The ADS reduces the risk of injury, and for fitness facilities, may reduce their liability policy.

Perfect for home use for those who train alone without a spotter!

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