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An Advanced Electronically Height Adjustable E-Podium

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The E-Podium is an all inclusive technological marvel which is set to revolutionize the way in which presentations, lectures and trainings are carried on.
An Electronically Height adjustable Podium with an Electromagnetic Pen Input for live annotations, and an Inbuilt Camera for video recording or 3D OHP application, will be a comprehensive tool in the presenter’s hand.
It is an all in one device with a wide application base covering the entire spectrum of requisites in any presentation.

Earlier, the height of the Podium was fixed. The presenter had no choice but to adjust themselves as per the height of the podium.

The height of the E-Podium can be changed electronically by the mere press of a button to suit the height of the lecturer. No need to stretch or stoop over a podium. This helps the lecturer to give long lectures without strain.

The E-Podium is an elegantly designed structure not just soothing your aesthetic sense but is also a strong tool in the hands of the presenter. It has, not just the traditional Light & MIC, but also a assortment of gadgets that will transform a normal lecture into an experience, that the audience / students would relish and create a great impact on them.

The E-Podium which is permanently connected to a projector, has USB Ports for easy connectivity of storage devices. So now, every presenter can just carry his presentation in a Pen Drive and just plug it in the Podium. The Podium is also equipped with a DVD Player. So to play a video for the audience, it does not need a separate DVD Player which again needs to be connected to the projector.

The inbuilt Hi-Resolution Camera with zoom function in the E-Podium acts as a Digital Visualizer thereby enabling the lecturer to display any 3D Object in detail to the audience / students. This will be a powerful tool in the hands of a lecturer.

The E-Podium can not only be used as an Interactive Whiteboard wherein all the advantages of an Interactive Whiteboard be used to its fullest like recording all that has been written on the screen as a file which can be used to upload on the internet or as a study material, but also eliminates all the above disadvantages. The On-Screen annotation in any presentation using the Electromagnetic Pen is a feature that any lecturer would love to have since it makes the presentation interactive and lively.

The E-Podium has an In-built Amplifier to which the Podium MIC is connected. The Auditorium Speakers can be directly connected to the amplifier. Four additional Corded or Cordless MIC can also be connected to the E-Podium. It also has a Conference Room In-Line MIC connectivity.

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