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Disposable cup for hot beverage

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Hot Beverage in a Snap,
What if I said I can improve your quality of life?

I am the daughter of the Inventor (Alfonza Pedalino) of the Unimatic Coffee Pot.
I am also one of main Product Developer of Hot Beverage in a Snap.

After my Father’s passing, I wanted to develop a product that would complement one of his greatest passions, that was coffee.

We all live in a fast paced society, always thinking what we can do to have more convenience,
We all look to save time and have less stuff to accomplish the same task.

I believe it is safe to say, most of us look for simplicity in our fast pace life.
Having said that, what if we were able to sleep longer before we had to get up for work, or any daily choir and conveniently still have our Hot Beverage?
It will be a joy not having to wait in long lines always for our favorite cup of coffee, tea or even hot cocoa.
Most of us are waiting in long lines at our local coffee shops,
Or even our place of employment

This Product Development is designed to travel anywhere around the world

 Airlines, All Education Facilities, All Office Facilities,
 Amusement Parks, Beaches, Salons, Boating, Bed & Breakfast,
 Camp Grounds, Concerts, Construction, Conferences, Cruses
 Doctors, Dentists, Dorms, Fire Department
 First Responders (Medical Team), Grocery Store Shelf
 Hospitals,Hotdog Stands, Hunting, Hotels, Movie Theaters
 Meals on Wheels, Motels, NASA, Nurse Station,
Out Door gatherings, Parties, Privacy of our homes
 Sporting Events, Survival Kits, Trains, Oil Fields, Police Force
 US Military,U V’s.

What I was seeing, has been unseen and now
what can be seen,
is revealed, Hot Beverage in a Snap.

We are bringing the Coffee, Tea, and Hot Cocoa industry together.
Choose your matching ingredients, for your favorite hot beverage.
Sugar, Sweetener, Creamer, Honey, Lemon,or marshmallows.

With the simple addition of hot water, there is now finally, a true convenient time saving cup.
A Multi-Billion dollar industry NOW, has the convenience of a disposable ingredient filled cup.

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