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Make Up Doctor

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- HEALTH]
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Make Up Doctor is a kit and solution that repairs cracked compact makeup, such as blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow. When a compact makeup is dropped, or is exposed to any other kind of impact, the compact will many times crack. In most cases, the compact makeup will have to be thrown away. Make Up Doctor will restore the compact back to its original state and will allow a consumer to save the money and hassle of having to purchase new compact makeup.

There are online solutions that suggest using just rubbing alcohol to repair the compact. These methods will many times fix the compact temporarily, but the alcohol will dry out the compact further, making it more susceptible to cracking again. My solution repairs the compact without drying it out and provides a much more efficient and mess free way of fixing the compact.

Financial information

The sale agreement is up for negotiation, however I am looking for an outright sale. My asking price is $2,500 and would include all inventory and all business materials I currently have. Additionally, the new owner would have rights to my website and all marketing materials, such as business cards, videos, pictures, etc. I competed in two business competitions with Make Up Doctor. In one I came in second place and the other third, winning upwards of $3000 in scholarship money. In preparation for these competitions, I had to prepare extensive financial information and research to produce projections for the business. While I have not been able to carry out my business plan as I hoped I would be able to (because I am a full time student), the research I have shows that the business has the potential to be extremely successful. If you are interested in seeing my projected numbers and business plan, please contact me.

Make Up Doctor's current licensing does not allow me to manufacture and sell my product outside of Florida. Additionally, as a full time student in Tennessee, I am finding it difficult to manage both my business and my studies. I would love to sell Make Up Doctor to an owner who would be able to nurture the start up and allow it to reach its full potential.

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