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Different types of invenctions

[Category : - HEALTH]
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It lists various inventions of objects and innovative components:
1) various machines and fitness equipment
2) bike Ginno gym
3) exerciser water (lake, river, sea)
4) hospital bed anti decubitus home
5) air conditioning heating and cooling scantibatterico
6) consists inerting for landfill waste and energy in obtaining incinerator
7) baby pram convertible: high chair, bassinet, car seat, stroller, walker, dondolino, first steps, egg
8) new and revolutionary system of car windscreen wipers
9) new exclusive car bumper system
10) exclusive new clothes peg
11) sunlounger rocking closable and transportable
12) new adjustable umbrella and editable
13) revolutionary new disposable razor shaving
14) revolutionary new lock system multikey
15) new plug adaptable to all international plugs
16) cream smoke oil to stop smoking
17) new glove for fruit picking
18) new micro wind type wind power system to produce electricity anywhere. (Homes, countryside and roads)
19) new zipper for skirts, shirts and pants
20) water caught desistente convertible in bidet
21) new type of durable formwork C.C.A. moldable
22) paper plate which is also cover plate
23) dish for parties and party
24) USA shovel and throws to clean dog droppings
25) stable Crutches
26) new closing hygienic system cans
27) Thermal box moldable use
28) under replaceable heels
29) new lighting roads driveways
30) again turns the screw
31) rechargeable electric car energy saving
32) new type of washing machine
33) new cap refrigerant bottles
34) Various board games for home
35). New BBQ backyard.
36) new anti rain hair. I am a research engineer with many inventions and patents I look for entrepreneurs and business owners who possess the desire to invest and believe in innovations, I just listed a few patents and not only I own others but are also available to new studies commissioned and commissioned. Send your email to the site. Thank Ing. Bianchi (email: [Use the button below to contact me])

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