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Beverage container top

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The solution in the improved mouth
Gives a comfortable drinking experience on the first sip.
Maximum utilization of the liquid in the can.
Avoid rock residue in the fairy track and thus avoid
Accumulation of dirt and bacteria transfer.
It is easy to clean and disinfect.
The new mouthpiece structure prevents fluid leakage when the can is shaken.
A refreshing new design that will upgrade the old look for future design.

The idea phase
In 2004 in the United States it occurred to us to create a new supreme can, To improve the drink sip and create a comfortable and sterile designed top, And of course, the idea for the design phase needed a lot of tolerance and a lot of thought, ten years later and two attempts that failed to create a natural US patent were to raise hands but to despair. Try again.
Planning phase
Finally created by an illustrative prototype engineer, and a team of patent designer and lawyer accompanied the idea, the US Patent Office and in 2016 successfully approved a patent
The execution phase
Now that there is a refreshing innovation, we can help you implement it and make a significant revolution in the culture of drinking, as you know the world drinks a lot and you have to make the change.

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