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[Category : - OTHER- Appliances and houseware- Security and alarms]
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A vacuum lock having a main body portion, a cylinder and a piston is described. The cylinder is disposed within the main body portion and has an opening. The cylinder has one or more sealing rings disposed on an inside surface and an air vent opposite the opening. The vacuum lock can further include a piston adapted to fit in the cylinder and guides. The vacuum lock can also include a valve coupled to the air vent.

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The Vacuum lock: a smart design using vacuum to counteract unlocking the mechanism of this lock.

This unique lock uses the awesome power of a vacuum to secure any door from unwanted invasion. Inserting the removable central pin, turning the lock and then removing, guarantees that nothing can open the lock from the outside. Once the central pin is removed, an engineered set of interlocking cylinders produces a powerful vacuum, thus securing the lock and making it impossible to open.

The Vacuum lock

• Provides a keyless locking mechanism that is protected from tampering by using the power of a vacuum
• Offers an easily-inserted and removed central pin which turns to lock and then is removed to secure. Opening is the reverse of locking
• Is tamper-proof because there is no key or barrel to force
• Provides a powerful vacuum which prevents unauthorized opening except by inserting the pin from the inside

This unique design is the perfect answer for the person who wants total security and requires the confidence of a tamper-proof lock.

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