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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A truck track drive can include two rollers. The truck track drive can also include a tread configured to pass over top and bottom of a dual rear wheel assembly on a truck and to be moved by rotation of the dual rear wheels. The track drive can also include a compulsory drive unit.

Financial information

This is a simplest of the three “rover” designs.

The WINTER TRACK: Never again allow winter road conditions to affect your delivery schedules.

The Winter Track is designed specifically for light delivery vehicles whose customers demand supply even during the worst winter conditions.

Using the vehicle’s rear wheels to drive the track, the Winter Track converts your goods van or delivery truck to a half-track track-laying vehicle capable of negotiating most winter road conditions. The extra-wide drive rollers contained in the mechanism cater for both single and double-wheeled trucks and light delivery vans.

Easy to fit, secure and durable, Winter Track is the all-weather answer to your winter delivery problems.

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