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A removable track drive can include a truck configured for supporting a vehicle tire and having two rollers adapted to contact respective surfaces of the vehicle tire. The removable track drive can also include a track disposed around an exterior of the truck and configured to pass over top of the vehicle tire so as to be moved by rotation of the vehicle tire. The removable track drive can also include a compulsory drive having a first rotating portion coupled to a vehicle wheel, a second rotating portion coupled to one of the rollers and a flexible drive member.

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Hurricane: Never be stuck in snow or sand again with Hurricane tracks!

With Hurricane removable and re-usable tracks, you can convert your standard car, truck or SUV into an all-terrain track-laying vehicle. Never again will adverse weather conditions or terrain be a problem. Hurricane tracks are suitable for use on snow and ice, roaming over soft desert sands or simply travelling over the beach for a barbeque or party.

Hurricane tracks:

• Spread the vehicle’s load over a wider area to provide safe and secure transport over snow and ice, sand or other soft ground
• Work on front, rear or all-wheel drive vehicles
• Provide a cost-effective solution to winter transport problems
• Avoid the need to call the tow-truck to pull you out of sand or snow
• Are suitable for all types of vehicle and all terrains

Hurricane tracks are cost-effective, easy to install, easy to remove and can be stored and re-used whenever the need arises.

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