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My Heavenly Litter Box - Lifting Litter Box

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A lifting litter box - comprising a base, where the base includes a lifting mechanism; a frame secured above the base, where the frame is lifted and lowered by the lifting mechanism; and a litter box positioned inside the frame, where the lifting mechanism lifts the litter box to an extended position for cleaning and then lowers the litter box once clean. The lifting mechanism may be battery operated and/or manually operated by a foot pedal to enable lifting anytime desired by the user. Instead of having to excessively bend your knees and over-extend your back, which can cause discomfort to many cleaners, My Heavenly Litter Box will elevate to a comfortable height for the removal of soiled litter. The cleaning of your beloved cat's litter box no longer has to be an uncomfortable labor of love! As the loving parent of three cats, believe me, I know !

Financial information

You will surely lessen and avoid backaches & knee problems, as you will not have to be straining your joints and spine excessively when you remove soiled litter from My Heavenly Litter Box. Therefore, you may lessen the chronic Doctor bills for orthopedic problems !

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