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Consumer Product - Shower Beer Caddy

[Category : - HUMAN NECESSITIES- DESIGN PATENTS- Toys and games]
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The general inventive concepts relate to a beverage container holder or "caddy" configured to securely suspend a beverage container from a shelf, ledge, bar, door, rod, etc. In accordance with some exemplary embodiments, the beverage container holder is configured for use as a shower and/or bath accessory. The beverage container holder securely suspends a beverage container from a shower curtain rod, shower door, and the like (hereinafter "shower portion"), making the beverage conveniently accessible for consumption while showering and/or bathing. The beverage container holder is designed to essentially prevent water and soap from contaminating the beverage, while also providing easy access for replacing the beverage after use.

Financial information

Consumer Product Market: College "gag" gift -- shower beer caddy; sporting; boating, golfing; entertaining.

Manufacturing: Low tooling and manufacturing costs; designed for plastic injection molding, compact packaging and shipping.

Open to license with royalties, partial or outright full control sale. Renderings (SPT), tooling/unit costs all available upon request.

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