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[Category : - CHEMISTRY- Agriculture- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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====Right: reserved in Italy, with high support from Industry 4.0, also to foreign operators; LICENCE (1M People): advance (100 k€), royalty (8% on revenue)

====Goals: mixing system to achieve homogeneous mixing and confined liquid or gaseous fluids; ====Usable in: chemical and pharmaceutical industries, agricultural and food industry, anaerobic digestion industry, cultivate algae, sewage and water treatment industry. ====All IP set: Link . ====Device and Method for the homogeneous and delimited mixing of fluids, both liquid and gaseous, forming part of a fluid mass in motion or in state of rest. The method comprises: • taking part of the material from said fluid mass; • making a vigorous mixing of the fluid material taken; • reinserting the fluid mixed material into said fluid mass; The device (A, B) comprises: •. a first manifold (1, 10), closed at both ends, on which a first plurality of holes (la, 10a) is made, aligned along a generatrix of said first manifold (1,10); •. a second manifold (2, 20), closed at both ends, on which it is made a second plurality of holes (2a, 20a) aligned along a generatrix of said second manifold (2, 20); • · a pipe (3, 3a) that connects said first manifold (1, 10) with said second manifold ( 2, 20); • · pumping means (4), inserted in said pipe (3, 3a), which cause a movement of a fluid contained in said pipe (3, 3a) by said first manifold (1, 10) towards said second manifold (2, 20).

Financial information

============> IP available on each country: PCT (150), Paris Conv. (173)
===Obj: License and first refusal on priority rights in the national phase
===Market (fifth part on 10y): 80 M€ per 50 million inhabitants
===Brand: Guaranteed registered trademark in Italy, ®GUPC (General Utilities Performance Contract)

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