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Vertical centrifugal pump for pumping liquids portable

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Vertical centrifugal electric pump is portable for pumping liquids from the process of packaging. --- The invention relates to a technique of pump, in particular a vertical centrifugal portable pump self-priming type for safe motorized pumping various liquids with different viscosity, density, chemical aggressiveness, with the possibility of universal coverage one structural frame size vertically centrifugal portable pump broad serviced nomenclature polytypic processing container, differing depth, size and type of filler as the fluid, and can be used in various manufacturing industries for pumping various fluids, including and highly corrosive, from one container to another in the narrow neck, as well as reservoirs with wide neck, and a depth considerably exceeding the value of immersion of the pump housing. The invention can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry, in electroplating shops and factory of chemical laboratories, a warehouse and a variety of shops, as well as in the field, where there is no mains electricenergy.
A first embodiment according to the patent - The electric UPN-4 universal portable equivalent ester-resistant self-priming designed for rapid pumping of a variety of highly liquid low and medium viscosity (acids, alkalis, electrolytes and chemical solutions *) of different types of container with a narrow (diameter 42mm) and wide neck (glass 20L bottles, polyethylene 20-50l cans, jars, metal and polypropylene 220l drums) and from the galvanic baths capacity of 50 l / min, pumping large volumes up to 7500 l / shift from the intermittent mode of operation to 15 -17minut. Equipped with a 5-meter electrical cord in the double insulation and the plug, as well as on-off toggle switch placed on the pump handle.
The pump housing is made of polypropylene, the side outlet is located for fastening the hose with an internal diameter - 20 mm and a maximum length of 9m. A sufficiently large volume pumping corrosive acids and electrolytes actually 7500 - 8000l / shift.
Second variant according to the patent - the pump with pneumatic drive, also designed and tested (Photo 4).

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