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[Category : - CHEMISTRY]
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Provided is a method for synthesizing a ceramic-based catalyst including the steps of: purifying a ceramic foam by immersing the ceramic foam in hot water to form a clean substrate; activating the clean substrate by immersing the clean substrate in an etching solution to form an activated substrate; forming a first metal layer onto the activated substrate to form a metal-loaded substrate; and substituting the first metal layer with a noble metal layer by immersing the metal-loaded substrate in an acidic solution including a noble metal precursor to yield the ceramic-based noble metal catalyst.

in general the invention relates to:
Palladium catalyst
high surface area ceramic based catalyst
the catalyst may be applied in chemical industries as well as pharmaceutical industries and in any reaction that palladium plays a key role.
the main advantages of the catalyst is high performance in an intense ultrasound reaction ( specially for ultrasound catalytic reactions)

Financial information

proposed price: 50-100 k$
The inventions is not sold ever.

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