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Necklace to display rings

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The patent is for a necklace that allows a finger ring to be placed on it and displayed without just hanging from the necklace. It's designed for rings that don't fit anymore but still with to be shown off or for rings that have personal meaning such as wedding, engagement, class, etc; but the wearer doesn't wish to wear on the finger because they might get lost or damaged but still wish to show off.

I'm to A.) sell outright to finance a business a business I want to start, B.) get a licensing agreement, C.) sell it for equity stake and possibly also working as a consultant, or D.) some combination of the three.

An entire line of rings could also be created and marketed along with the necklace. If done correctly it could be similar to Pandora.

The necklace can be made of different materials, colors, sizes. etc;.

I'm in the process of getting the utility patent. I have the nonprovisional patent. I'm probably never going to do anything with this but it's a very good idea that should be developed.

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