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Water moving device

[Category : - OTHER- Agriculture- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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The patent is for a water moving device.

New technology and a new approach to water moving.

This invention relates to devices for transferring water from one location to another for irrigation and other purposes using wind power.


It is useful to transfer water from locations in which it may be available, possibly abundantly available, to other locations where it is needed and not available at all, It is particularly useftil to have this facility for irrigation purposes, for example for farming where it is essential to irrigate crops and water may not be easily accessible at critical times, or at all.

Many devices have been developed over centuries of civilization to transfer water and thereby support for example farming, but many require constant attendance and effort from farmers and other workers to maintain supplies, and others require machinery, involving maintenance and expense.

What is needed is a simple mechanism to transfer water without excessive reliance on maintenance and a farmers time.

The present invention seeks to provide such a mechanism.

The machine is developed to have low production cost and is idealy suited for developing world use, especially for irrigation or any application that requires the moving of water over distance.
It has many uses.

The device is wind powered and easily portable. It can be adapted for use with other power sources.

Unique features include:
Completely portable and can be carried and quickly assembled by a single person.
Self priming.
Can operate in low wind speeds.
Low maintenance.
Economical manufacturing cost.

I am seeking to licence the use of the patent.

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