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Wide view mirror for commercial trucks and other large vehicles

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A wide view "West Coast" style side mirror that exceeds FMVSS 111. The clear expansion of the field of view for drivers of commercial trucks and other large vehicles ( Motor Coaches, Buses, RV's and Personal Haulers ) effectively minimizes the blind zones on each side of the vehicle. The slight and narrow inner curvature of this single continuous piece mirror allows drivers to reference the side of the rig. The center planar section of the mirror, since rotated outward, now allows the driver to view the entire lane next to you in perfect clarity. The outer curvature, wider than the inner curvature, continues to expand the view beyond the lane next to you, This combination of curvature, planar and curvature profile provides excellent clarity and greater than TWICE the VIEW of the mirrors currently in use today. With current prototypes, the driver side viewing angle has been increased from 15 degrees to 35 degrees and the passenger side viewing angle also increased from 8 degrees to 21 degrees.
With more than 25 million of these vehicles driving on the roads today with poor side visibility, the accident and fatality statistics are appalling and have not improved over the years despite other safety improvements that have been made to these vehicles.

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This unique mirror design offers great safety in the transportation industry. Allowing drivers to see more, quickly and easily with less fatigue, helping to reduce the possibility of an accident that may include a fatality. There is enormous potential for this product as surely lives will be saved by it's use. As the inventor of this product, I do not have the ability to manufacture it and would like to align myself with someone that can. I would sell the patent but prefer to license it with royalties and terms that are mutually beneficial to both parties.
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