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G7 Solar phone

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications]
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Purpose & Benefits

Provides users with a curved smartphone capable of functioning as a cellular phone or a landline.

Utilizes a curved body small enough to fit in a purse or pocket.

Includes an LCD touch screen among all functionality of modern day smartphones such as GPS tracking, HD video, wireless capabilities, and much more.

Offers a way to recharge the phone via a solar panel on the top of the phone capable of absorbing sunlight and UV light to power the battery.

Features a unique, retro style making the phone stand out.

Problems Solved

Many people use smartphones, tablets, and other devices for surfing the internet, emailing, texting, talking, and more. The battery power for these devices may often be inefficient and some people may lose power at an inconvenient time. When traveling, people must carry chargers for their phone; however, electrical outlets are not always available. In addition, most smartphones look similar and do not have a unique look. This device is also bluetooth compatible.
Detailed Description & Features

Curve Phone is a stylish and unique smartphone capable of fitting in a pocket, backpack, or small purse. The device is comprised of a standard smartphone with numerous functionalities. The phone may be able to provide GPS tracking, HD video, texting, calling, wireless internet connection/communication, fingerprint security, radio capability, and LED lights. The phone can feature an LCD touch screen capable of accessing all of the prior listed functionalities, and it’s intended to replace most conventional mobile phones currently on the market, as well as function as a landline style telephone as well. This is the latest and most competitive phone design available.

The body of the cell phone features a unique curved design. The design is intended to stand out from other smartphones which typically feature a uniform rectangular design. The phone may be converted into a landline. A port feature with a sliding door can allow the landline to be plugged into the phone. It may automatically change the cell phone to use a landline with long distance charges and other functionalities.

Curve Phone can be constructed using plastic, metal, and other suitable electrical components. The device may be available in numerous colors and sizes, all suited to accommodate user needs and preferences. Further, the phone’s case can be highly protective, water-resistant and flexible. Exact size, measurement, construction, and design specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

US. Patent just been issue on Oct 7, 2016 PATENT No. 9462634 PCT is also on file

willing to negotiate price... or looking for a business partner Investor.

Financial information

The Domestic Market is very large to say the least.
This product would sell in approximately 150,000 retail stores in the USA and throughout the international market.
The retail price would be from $199.99 to $499.99 The wholesale amount would be from $99.00 to $299 00 and the cost to manufacture would from $49.00 to $150.00. The costs are
an estimate of course ranging from USA or overseas manufacturing and distribution.

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