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FotoDialer-Dial by Photo

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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FotoDialer is a patented invention developed by IntelliSolve, a division of The Vision Group, Inc. of Lehi, Utah.. We develop useful products for specific purposes, groups, and needs. FotoDialer was developed to connect into an existing analog phone line. There are 24 wallet-sized photos over six pages where the user dials numbers by pressing buttons next to the photo of the person/place they want to call. FotoDialer is portable and the numbers stay programmed even if the batteries die or the power goes out (unlike other technologies out there). We have new software for a pause dialing feature which allows the user to program pauses into the number sequence (good for dialing out of a care facility, calling cards, etc.).

We have sold units in every US state and in dozens of countries around the world.

FotoDialer has very solid engineering. Samples were sent to one of the largest electronics companies in the world where they tried to reverse engineer it, but they failed in their attempts.

We sell through online purchases through our website, but also have many distributors throughout the world that sell online and via brochures. Most of our sales come via this method. Some of these distributors have contracts with state agencies, such as California, who order in bulk through them for programs to help the disabled.

A new side business using FotoDialer has been developed with great potential to create additional revenue. This new method allows monthly income from rental of FotoDialer units.

We currently have over a thousand units on hand.

Price listed is for the patent, remaining units, website, and distributor contacts.

We are not a marketing company, but an invention company (though some commercials have been made). We develop and move on to the next thing. However, we have still sold thousands of units all over the world.
Contact [Use the button below to contact me] for other information. Price listed OBO.

Thanks for looking!

Financial information

There is no need for a buyer to start from scratch in marketing FotoDialer. We are already with online distributors and have even been sold in Walgreen's.

We have sold units in every US State and in dozens of countries across the world.

Besides selling to customers, distributors, and State agencies, another potential for profit comes with leasing units.

Price listed is for the patent, remaining units, website, and distributor contacts.

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