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Cleaning glove assembly

[Category : - OTHER- PET PRODUCTS- Cleaning devices]
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The patent# is 8469619B1. Title is Cleaning Glove Assembly. A cleaning glove includes a hand covering that with a palm covering and a back hand covering attached together to form a sleeve having a hand receiving opening. A plurality of finger sleeves is attached to the back hand and palm coverings distal to the hand receiving opening. The hand covering is configured to completely cover a hand positioned within the hand covering. A chamber is attached to along with brushes and covers the palm covering and a lower surface of each of the sleeves. An outer surface of the chamber has a plurality of apertures extending therethrough and into an interior of the chamber. A cleansing fluid is positionable in the chamber and ejectable outwardly through the apertures and attached brushes.

The chamber is where the liquids cleaning solutions move through. The 2nd feature are the brushes on the palm of the glove. These brushes will aid in a more efficient and time saving cleaning.

Due to these factors, 1 It is adaptable to various industries(Janitorial, Consumer and commercial cleaning supplies, health care industry ie hospitals and ALFs and Nursing Homes) Schools as well. The patent can also be adaptable as a dog grooming glove or a car washing glove. 2.Each of the industries are muti billion dollar industries in just the USA. 3. With a global marketplace and digital connectivity, selling this product on the world market will be beneficial from a P&L perspective. Being able to save money on production in several countries around the planet, provides a unique opportunities for saving on labor, materials, infrastructure and logistics. This perspective product can be used by consumers for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. The patent is adaptive for possible use by health care professionals in the housekeeping depts. Janitorial services and manufacturers (equipment and work area cleaning) could use the patent as well.

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This glove would be a welcome tool for the Health Care industry. This is an industry in which cleanliness is a high priority. Between Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Physical Rehab and other Health Care establishments this glove will be able to carve a niche in the industry"s market. With millions of healthcare providers in the US, Europe, and Asia, the market is large enough for new products. In the US alone the Health Care, pet and auto cleaning Industries Annual Revenue is estimated to be over: $1.668 Trillion.

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