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[Category : - SOFTWARES- Indentification and payment methods- Ordering and selling methods]
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This concept relates to systems and methods for preforming forensic investigations of records, including financial records, for detecting discrepancies in information for financial institutions, businesses and other organisations. More specifically, a system and method is provided for real-time detection and prevention of accounting and data fraud within a financial institution, business or other organisation. This full-automated system prevents corruption of data, reports and analysis.
It is a common problem for financial institutions, hospitals, government agencies, businesses and organisations of all sizes to encounter fraud, particularly accounting fraud and misappropriation of financial and other proprietary information. Audits are preformed yearly, however , generally by the time the audit is conducted, any identified problem has compounded and may be too late to rectify. There is no current method of continuous, real time fraud detection in place for businesses and financial institutions. Failure to uncover fraudulent activity can result in significant losses in financial date, money and other proprietary information for any business.

Imagine if your business could have a fulltime forensic accountant reviewing all your transactions every day and that senior management receive reports without fail every morning. this software has been designed to highlight every unusual transaction that is entered into your accounting system, even notices if new employees are added, ensures that all statutory payments are made on time and will analysis spend vs budget.
this forensic based software that works with all accounting packages to report overspend, budget blow outs and fraudulent activities without any human intervention required will report to nominated personnel on a daily basis.
This software can also be adapted to utilise an app based reporting function so no need to be in the office to obtain information
Based on a user licence fee it can determine which staff members entered the transaction and will ensure a yearly income as well as initial fee.
further this can be customised to those business that require more than the basic parameters monitored therefore creating additional income for the company.
The ability to have your books and records reviewed forensically every day with no human intervention and reports of issues direct to nominated reporting email.

Budget vs actual reporting in real time not months later
Trend analysis in real time will show abnormal spend or incorrect data entry

with no staff member required the reports will always be run on time
You nominate your own parameters to suit your business
Escalation to next reporting level if report not resolved within nominated time frame
Chain of custody secure if fraud is detected
will work with any enterprise accounting system

Patent published 11/9/17

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