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Sanitary Lemon and Lime Dispenser for Bars or Resturants

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The main mission of the dispenser is to limit, or potentially eliminate the contact that the fruit has, with the improbably sanitized hand, which has the ability to spread thousands of harmful germs and bacteria in a single touch.

Next time you visit a bar, a fast food restaurant, or any dining establishment, look at where they store the sliced or wedged fruit for their drinks ex: Lemons, Limes etc.…. You will find that they are mostly stored in an open container that is on a bar or a counter, left out for hours on end in a variety of environments and temperatures. Thus, becoming an issue when these fruits or other edibles are open to exposer to the general public and all the germs and bacteria that is associated with it. While some of these containers have sliding lids, many times they are wide open, exposed to thousands of germs. How often do you see bar tenders and customers wearing gloves when they take a lemon or lime out of a container? When the worker or patron opens the lid and takes the slice or wedge with his or her bare hand it contaminates the entire container and leads to the potential of bacteria being passed form worker to patron vis verse. A worker or customer carries thousands of germs, and potentially a minor to more serious illness such as the stomach bug or the flu that has not fully gone away, or has not officially begun its course in the body.


Examples of this problem best seen in Chipotle
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Financial information

Product Monetary Potential
All numbers and figures are based off of estimations

Take for example that the cost to produce one of our products it cost $25.00. But the retail price per unit is $100.00, which allows a large margin. Having such a potentially large margin allows for adjustments in retail pricing as well as flexibility with production cost.
Below you will find some estimations of the potential revenue for the product.

Chipotle Restaurants: Sold at least one to every restaurant. Average 200 new restaurants every year historically.

Locations: 2010
= $201,000.00 Gross
=$150,750.00 Net

Qdoba Mexican Grill:

Locations: 641
=$64,100.00 Gross
=$48,075.00 Net

Dunkin Donuts:

Locations: 11,000
=$1,100,000.00 Gross
=$825,000.00 Net

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