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Weave Hair Dryer Box (WHDB)

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles]
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The Weave Hair Dryer Box (WHDB) dry weave hair in about an hour, as oppose to the 8-10 hours of traditional air drying process currently being used.
WHDB reduces the wait time of traditional air drying process considerably, thus freeing up time, that can be spent more wisely. There are currently no devices on the market that reduces the traditional drying process time significantly.
Please be advised that pending patent application became published on 8-4-16 and assigned number is: US 20160219957.

Financial information

It is my desire to license the WHDB. The WHDB have not been sold or market at this time. The market potential for the WHDB is exceptional due to the absent of a device to complete the task that the WHDB is designed to perform.

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