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Ceiling-Suspended Automatic Medical Mobility Chair

[Category : - HEALTH]
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This invention is meant to prevent patient falls in hospital and nursing home rooms. It safely transports patients around a hospital room in comfort and is able to be stored out of the way. It has linear actuators on both sides so it can lift upward and flatten out as to not clutter up the room. Patients are a common and pertinent problem in healthcare. Elderly patients, leg surgery patients, and spine surgery patients are most commonly the victims of this problem. These falls normally lead to further injuries, deaths, and lawsuits to the hospital. The main advantage of this chair for hospitals is that it will prevent lawsuits from patient falls. That is what makes it valuable and useful for hospitals. And because it is valuable to hospitals, it is valuable to companies.

Financial information

With this invention we are looking for a full sale of the patent pending application. Currently, the invention is not on the market being sold, but has very high potential. Because it can save hospitals money with the more they buy, hospitals are likely to buy many units for their rooms.

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