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Novelty Display

[Category : - Advertising methods- Ordering and selling methods]
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A compact merchandise display system,
Lavilla is a novelty display capable of drawing attention to customers through its design. Use commercial and public in general which can be customized.
This is possible because it has a motion sensor that allows the display to be opened when a customer walks the same front
The display inside has lights and audio where joins it an advertising message
It can be manufactured in different sizes according to the product that is going to view.(bottles of liquor, perfumes, jewelry, electronics etc)
Also can be customized by the customer if it is purchased
To be used for advertising of any product, you have the ability to have exclusive contracts with several companies at the same time
You can manufacture in large quantities to customer that purchase it as gift presentation or as a reminder
Example of this is:
X jewelry presents in its counter a Lavilla display with an advertising message from a costly compromise ring.The customer to buy it personalize the recording of the display.
Now the client has a nice presentation with a personal message (marry me) and a reminder for life.
This is the idea on Lavilla Display basic
Lavilla Display has a great benefit compared to other advertising displays. This device in addition to promoting a specific product has the ability to increase its commercialization to be able to be acquired by the customer.

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