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[Category : - OTHER- Construction Processes & Equipment- HEALTH]
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Retractor safety device for identifying and controlling hazardous areas associated with unmarked, unbarricaded or unprotected areas of Construction and General Industry work sites, as well as any application requiring pedestrian movement-control, designed to meet all required safety standards in terms of color and signage, and will incorporate a variety of elements to promote visibility and ease of use. Retractor safety device is an industrial-grade, reusable caution/danger/hazard tape retractor that attaches by means of a universal mounting bracket, includes a manually- or automatically-operated tape-locking mechanism, as well as a quick-connect, universal tape attachment with Lock-Out, Tag-Out (LOTO) capabilities, and field cleanable/maintainable.

Financial information

Open to sale, license, or partnership.

The invention has been field tested with several international companies including Steel Mills, petroleum refinery, aggregate producers, demolition companies and railroads. ALL expressed serious intent to purchase multiple units once produced.

The invention is absolutely needed by industry. In fact, many of us heavy industry contractors have to use a inferior disposable product.

When considering the trends in Safety and Compliance, in relation to operational efficiency, this product is the future.

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