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I have my book> Link
My first patent> 6446422 My next book Driving & Me, has my explanation of how my IMPINGE ENGINE works. It has as many as needed IMPINGE WHEELS Ceramic as it is designed to run hot, no cooling, like a jet engine, There are teardrop shape nozzles that direct very hot & high pressure gasses onto the edge of the impinge wheel that has small vanes like a squirrel cage blower. The Wheels are on a shaft in a case with the exhaust on the opposite side of the impingement. The wheels will be lightly sealed with small vanes but as these wheels are in an block that is designed to run very hot and have pressure all over inside so not much seal is needed except on the ends where the shaft extends out. Each wheel compartment will have an exhaust like any internal combustion engine. There is no wasted motion like an engine that has pulses as this is more like a jet engine but no wasting vectoring vanes. 90 degrees does not waste any power like the screw of a boat and the vanes of a jet engine. Soon to be patent pending. Most people do not realize that most of the energy of engines is the rate of expansion of the water in the fuel or in the air. This is why engines have more power when it is foggy & why Jets take off when it is cool & damp. I have a lot of good ideas & may put them on here as I am old, 80 soon to be 81, PA what have you to offer? Thanks, Rex R. Bahr

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My IMPINGE ENGINE will run with any combustible liquid or gas. It can be designed to run on several different fuels at the same time. That is> if it is where there is no diesel it can run on gasoline, kerosene. So it would be ideal for the military. It can be used for small propeller aircraft and as it spins very fast it has to be well balanced so as such it will be very smooth. As there is no VENTURI there is no danger of it icing up at full throttle. I would like it designed to shut off an impinge wheel or throttle one wheel at a time to save fuel. I would want it to stay hot so it would just enough fuel to keep that unit hot. This engine is made in blocks of two '2' which I think would be the best design, That is a very small vehicle would have one block and a large vehicle could have a dozen blocks. This engine is mainly for hybrid vehicles as it is not high torque. Lubrication is spray oil like the jet engines and there is to be an heat exchanger where the fuel is heated by the lubrication oil like the J-47 jet engine that I was around in the Air Force 1956. I am old >80< & do not need nor want a lot of money. I would like enough to research more of my ideas & get patents. My patent Atty. is Michael Greenberg @ Write me direct or here but I am always busy so have not been here for awhile. Thanks, Rex R. Bahr

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