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Border Security - An Impassible Fence

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Combined fence post and roller is designed to stop intruders from crossing 0ver a fence. Since the roller turns, there is no handhold and the intruder has no choice but to leave. No need for barbed wire, razor wire or any other mechanical obstacles. Where two rollers join, a cover is attached. The roller can be made of virgin or re-cycled plastic and need only be large enough in diameter so that one cannot grasp it. In hilly or jagged terrain, a step (vertical) roller can be used.

Financial information

This invention is new to the market and has not been sold or licensed to anyone.

The roller can be included in the initial installation or retro-fitted to an existing fence.

The potential for this design is the community of governmental, industrial and commercial enterprises who require high security. Every fence installed prior to this introduction could benefit from the addition of this roller. It is well-known from security cameras that neither height nor geometry nor barbed wire are deterrents to determined intruders. The roller forces the intruder to leave since there can be no getting over it. Once the intruder has has reached roller level by any means, all he can do is spin the roller. It is expected that most intruders will take one long look at it, then move on.

This invention is intended to be offered by fence companies to their customers as an option to raise the security level of any standard fence (chain link, slat, privacy, metal bar, etc).

A supplier of fence or security equipment offers the fence with roller to a buyer. They agree on a contract price. Royalties to the Inventor are a percentage of that contract price. Terms to be negotiated.

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