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Emergency staircase steel adaptable to different elevations

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Emergency staircase steel adaptable to different elevations "VINARY STEEL"

This project relates to an emergency staircase steel, fully bolted and adaptable to different elevations, intended to offer different ways of escape from a building.

This idea comes after a series of problems encountered during the assembly of the traditional emergency stairs.

The first scope of this Emergency stair "VINARY Steel" is to ensure the adaptability to all the technical variations like the elevation of the building in order to overcome the drawbacks of the classical system implementation.

All of this was made possible through a system with appropriate nodes adjustable, allowing the scale to be able to reach different elevations between two floors of a building, using the same elements with appropriate adjustments of the joints.
Then the various elements that make up the structure (such as steps, beams, columns, reinforcements, railings, etc. ....), Are regulated in function of the difference in height between the two floors of a building.

By performing the estimation of a emergency stair classic and a emergency stair adaptable to different elevations, it is clear how this new technology has lower cost due to the simplicity of the elements that characterize it and which allow a reduction of labor costs.

The final objectives to be achieved are:

1) Total elimination of measurement errors in the design phase and production
 The scale thanks to its adaptability can be assembled even in the presence of errors due to variations in the design of the building during construction, errors relief and production related to distractions and lack of exchange of news

2) Production in series of the elements that compose
 Is favored the emergence of an economy of scale
 Automation of production cycles

3) Reduction of the production cost due to the simplicity of the pieces
 Incidence of lower labor up to 25%

4) Improvement of the quality of the product
 The quality of the product will be better thanks to new connections than standard favoring the effectiveness of structural problems with respect to quality and safety

5) Increased competitiveness in the domestic and foreign market
 Will be respected standards and abroad in the standards in the various countries, lowering time and costs compared to similar goods made with traditional technology

6) Delivery of the finished work with an advance more than 30 days
 The company will manage liquidity in advance due to the economic collection times shorter and this promotes an economic boost in the market of possible investments of resources and infrastructure

7) Car of the product to companies operating in the construction industry and for industrial processing or repairs to be performed in height
 Works and repairs in height for the external facades of civil buildings and industrial plants

8) Rental of the product to companies in the moving
 The strength of this scale allows you to speed up the removal of products or goods of various kinds

9) Reduction of waste and environmental pollution

10) Realizing steps and landings solid sheet with subsequent cast concrete is possible to change the intended use of the product to obtain a traditional scale

I'm looking for companies and entrepreneurs who want to invest on my product are in fact willing to give in this patent the company that wants to acquire it, or other forms of trading and technology transfer.

I want to clarify that I'm not just selling an idea to develop a project but already fully developed to catalog and 2D / 3D graphics created in DWG, just waiting to be produced and then something concrete.

For more information and details, I invite you to watch the video on YOUTUBE : Emergency staircase steel adaptable to different elevations "VINARY Steel", aimed at potential investors who believe in the project and intend to develop it:



Mr. Vincenzo Terracciano
Mobile: 338.9968879
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