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Mobile, desktop/laptop remote device banking patent

[Category : - Indentification and payment methods- Ordering and selling methods]
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please email me for the full patents

A thorough novel patent on how to make purchasing transactions from a mobile phone, personal computer or remote device.

Financial information

1.) I'm looking for an outright sale or royalty setup. However new owner must buy patents and then if possible I'll take a small royalty percentage. It's open for discussion on the way forward.
2.)The market potential is millions of dollars a month or a considerable sum on settlement with companies that infringes on the patent/s. Banks and mobile companies are applicable users of the technology.
3.)This patent is part of a family of 2 patents depicting a mobile or desktop banking transaction.
4.) 2 patents are for sale.
5.) At the time the patents were written the invention was completely novel.
6.) The current method of mobile banking in South Africa infringes on this patent.

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